April Anime Review – What Did We Do to Deserve So Much Win? (And a 4-Year Spring Retrospective)

[Part 1 of my plan to totally cover a season for once. This post isn’t going to say much in spite of being so many words, but I’ve taken a liking to these little things that keep my thoughts on the shows intact across the season. I guess I’m learning the appeal of episodic blogging.]

Screenshots from random current shows that I haven't gotten to use.

Spring 2007 was my first season watching anime fresh from its release, and over the years I’ve continued to think of it as the best major season I’ve been around for.

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My Spring Season 2011

All the new shows have started, so it’s time for a first impressions/announcement of what I’m following/may be blogging post. I intend to follow this season through to the end because there are a lot of great shows that I’ve¬†found¬†myself really into, and enough that if some suck I’ll still have others as backup.

Shows are listed in order of how psyched I am about them.

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