April Anime Review – What Did We Do to Deserve So Much Win? (And a 4-Year Spring Retrospective)

[Part 1 of my plan to totally cover a season for once. This post isn’t going to say much in spite of being so many words, but I’ve taken a liking to these little things that keep my thoughts on the shows intact across the season. I guess I’m learning the appeal of episodic blogging.]

Screenshots from random current shows that I haven't gotten to use.

Spring 2007 was my first season watching anime fresh from its release, and over the years I’ve continued to think of it as the best major season I’ve been around for.

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Steins;Gate Stands To Steal My Declaration Of “Best Dialog In Anime”

Is it just me or does it look like she's not wearing underwear?

Since 2008 I’ve been considering Kure-nai the almighty champion of anime dialog, but I’m starting to feel like Steins;Gate could steal the crown. I actually like that the show moves slowly because it means more time for this fucking brilliant dialog. Hanada Jukki deserves one hell of a pat on the back for this.

Insult of the fucking month

It also may steal Kure-nai’s spot as the fastest a show has gotten a guaranteed spot on my favorites list. Kure-nai got it after episode 6. This show will have it if the next episode stays as awesome as it’s been.

This explanation was perfect

That’s all—I don’t know what it is but this show compels me to episodically blog it.

Steins;Gate 3

It takes a brilliant script, director, and actors for a show to be this exciting while scarcely leaving the confines of a single room and spending a lot of time showing characters use the internet. Steins;Gate has me in high anticipation of each new episode and loving every minute of them.

Could this be a G Gundam reference?!

I love the way conversations play out—they flow with ease, yet the characters never leave their personalities behind. In a lot of stories, dialog is governed by the responses that play into the situation best. In this series, dialog is governed by the responses that make the most sense coming from each character. It makes them into living entities, which is why Hyououin actually feels like a realistic crazy person and not just a “crazy guy character type.”

I so hope there's art of Large Haldron Collider-tan

I especially love all the nerd lingo and references that get thrown around casually. This kind of inadvertent reference is something I find important to dialog because in real life, people make references to things. (In fact, some of us largely speak in patchworks of quotes from other sources *cough*.) Steins;Gate isn’t making references as an attempt at comedy, but just as a fact of life.

Can’t wait for episode 4!