Killer7 Is Awesome, But Seriously, Fuck This Game

If you couldn’t tell when I gave up on the final boss in Persona 2 and watched the ending on youtube, I’m not a completionist. I played nine hours of Killer7—at my play speed, a little less than 40% of the game—before giving up to watch someone else play it. Thankfully every fucking game in the universe has a set of playthrough videos these days.

art by komaq

A good analogy for my experience with Killer7 is my experience with some of Takashi Miike’s films, specifically the likes of Dead or Alive. I love the moments of batshit violent intensity and over-the-top holyfuck, but it always seems to punctuate long stretches of boring who-gives-a-shit. In Killer7’s case, the boring who-gives-a-shit is the gameplay.

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