ULTRA-IMMORTAL UVALL Episode 1 (Super Robot Wars J)

Ghostlightning hasn’t been able to shut up about Super Robot Wars J, and since I’ve also longed for one of these ridiculously awesome games to come out in English, I decided to help him build a bandwagon that I hope can get even more people. Why? Because this game is excellent for blogging.

You can read gl’s post linked above to get a basic summary of what the game is and why it’s so amazing, but the important thing to know for this post is that the game lets you name your character, mech, and attacks; and even lets you get bonuses on your three favorite franchises represented in the game. What this means is that everyone’s experience of the game will be different; each player gets to live out their own insane mecha fantasy. Sure, the story is going to be basically the same for everyone, but what really matters is that I can kill the final boss with “BAAAAKUNETSU! GODO FINGAAAA!!!,” and my brother can kill it with “BIG BANG PAAAANCHI!!!,” and gl can do it with his penis, etc.

Unlike gl, my mecha-fu isn’t that strong—I’ve heard of all the shows in this game, but most of them I haven’t seen. My three favorites are Martian Successor Nadesico, Mobile Fighter G Gundam, and Full Metal Panic, because those are the only three I’ve seen in full. (Besides that I’ve seen some of Mazinkaiser and Tekkaman Blade, but not a lot.) I’m okay with this—sure, I’d rather be playing the one where Bright Noa slaps Ikari Shinji (who wouldn’t?), but it’s more than enough that I get to have Hoshino Ruri, Gai Daigouji, Allenby Beardsley, the entire Shuffle Alliance, D-Boy, and Sagara Sousuke on one fucking ship together (just thinking about it makes my brain erode under tidal waves of fuckwin). I’m not far enough that I have these things yet, but I look forward to them.

(I didn’t take any screenshots because this post was unplanned, but I will in the future. Meanwhile, here’s a video run of the first stage in Japanese, for those who want an idea of the gameplay or want to see the awesome fights in action.)

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