I Have Gone Through Many Favorite Anime

Yumeka asks ‘How many favorite anime have you gone through?‘ I reply, ‘a lot.’ It’s funny, you’d actually think that I would have written about this before, and I talked about some very similar things when I wrote the Roadmap to My Anime Fandom and the explanation of Why I Love Magical Girl Shows, but I’ve never outright chronicled the progression of my favorite shows. So, naturally, I have to. I also think it’s interesting how mine and Yumeka’s cross paths a lot.

The Early Era – This was when I was first finding out about anime (though I didn’t know Pokemon was anime until years of watching). During this time, I became an anime fan to the extreme, but I only knew about the shows that were on Cartoon Network, and a few movies that Funeral owned on VHS.

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Pokemon SoulSilver – Catching Cut, Mountain Training, and Making Girls Cry

She's a cryer.

Every time I’ve beaten a gym so far, 3 hours have passed. So I’ve currently got about 9 hours on the game. When I woke up at 4:45 or so today, I went and asked my brother how far he was – like me, he had just beaten the second gym and rival encounter – except he had only been playing for about 2 and a half hours. Obviously I am the slowest gamer ever, though I still beat Whitney before he could. By the way, my bro is naming all of his Pokemon after Gurren Lagann characters, and named his rival ‘Rossiu’.

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Fuzakenna Productions Presents: "LUCKY MECHA: ULTIMATE WAR" (IMAGE HEAVY)

3 5 Figmas. 4 Revoltechs. 1 Nirvash TypeZERO. A battle for the ages. You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do this. GENTLEMEN, BEHOLD!

(NOTE: It is suggested that you take your time in viewing this and do not rush it, for best results. PROTIP: Imagine your own sound effects!)

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Business Studies in Anime 3 – Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, In: Starry-Eyed Young Mech Pilots vs. Big Bads and the Lackey System

This is another part in my ongoing series of posts wherein I regurgitate textbook knowledge about business as I learn it and connect it with anime. Today we’re returning to my Supervision course yet again with chapter 3 of Supervision Today! Edition 6 by Stephen P. Robbins and David A. DeCenzo. This chapter on planning and goal setting will be run through Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

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Finding Favorites in Fanon – Why I Can't Feel the Need to Post About Touhou

I’ve been playing/listening to a lot of Touhou-related stuff in the past few days, and I began to think about why it was that I never feel compelled to post about anything from this franchise, which is without a doubt one of my favorites. What makes Touhou so fun is, of course, only a little bit to do with the canonical games, and more to do with the endless whirlpool of series fanon. Looking through Touhou-related goods, you could find something to say ‘woah, that’s badass!’ about just about every minute of every day, but if I love to post about things I find awesome so much, then what’s with the lack of Touhou posts? And then I realized that it is simply because I have nothing to add to them.

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Today is Funeral’s 22nd birthday, and for the past 5 days or so, he’s been cramming down Legend of the Galactic Heroes. 25 episodes in, he’s saying that he’s ‘more into it than he can remember being for anything’ and is already considering it among his top favorite anime of all time. When it came time for my mom, who designs cakes and cookies for all of our birthdays, to make him a birthday cookie, he didn’t even suggest any of his other obsessions throughout the year, such as Inglourious Basterds or Green Lantern, but went straight for Reinhard von Lohengramm. The rest, my friends, is legend.

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Epic in an Instant – Creating the Casual Fans

So I somehow found myself on Drastic My Anime Blog today and spotted this post that I missed before that talks about a pair of music videos by self-taught animator Kousuke Sugimoto, one of which you’ll see above. It’s a truly cool video, and it’s style reminded me of a certain Australian artist/animator that I know of named Paul Robertson. Here’s a sample of Paul’s work.

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