Frances The Mute – The Mars Volta [Digi’s Favorite Albums, Ep. 1]

Finally getting around to album reviews, which I’ve wanted to do forever! Whee~!

Frances The Mute was my introduction to music, and as such is among the most important albums in my favorites list. Best described as avant-garde rock music, combining elements from a vast selection of genres to form a complex pastiche of sound.

Like all music, this album can easily be found on youtube. Alternatively, you could buy it somewhere.

Current list ranking: #22
My Top 50 Favorite Albums list:http://myswordisunbelievablydull.word…

Favorite Songs: The Widow, L’Via L’viaquez, Miranda That Ghost Just Isn’t Holy Anymore, Cassandra Gemini

Least Favorite Song: Cygnus… Vismund Cygnus

End of Evangelion Conclusion: Any Way the Wind Blows…

A post in The Epic Journey. Contains massive Evangelion spoilers. Regular readers should know that I am not good with objectivity. I think it’s silly to try to grade everything on a giant scale because different people see what makes an anime good as different things. My goal here is not to be objective, but to explain to the world why they might like End of Evangelion. It’s a recommendation and not a definitive ranking. I won’t repeat anything I said in the introductory post, but rather add on to it with what I’ve learned from my rewatch.

I’ve finally done it. It took me over 2 and a half years and 3 watches, but I’ve done it. I feel as though everything leading up to this moment just validated itself. My many hours poured into deriving meanings from The Mars Volta lyrics, my research into philosophy, psychology, film, and my addiction to symbolism in art, movies, and everything else. All this time spent watching pretentious anime, seeking a deeper meaning in all that I come into contact with, and always striving to realize the core of the original creator’s intent has paid off. People. I can safely say that on this day, upon my third watching, I FULLY UNDERSTOOD EVERY SINGLE THING THAT HAPPENED IN END OF EVANGELION.

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