How Otome Youkai Zakuro Beats Other Spirit-Hunting Anime With Its Choice of Time Period

Something’s always bothered me about contemporary “spirit-hunting” stories. I find myself wondering why these spirits just now becoming a problem. Why didn’t someone hunt this demon/ghost/whatever a long time ago? Especially when I hear the whole “our organization’s been doing this since the dawn of time” bullshit. Won’t the demons eventually go extinct?


This show has a lot of nice fanart. Source:

I don’t buy it. The worst is when there’s a speech about how normal people are unaware of the demons, and yet said demons cause mass destruction at some point within the series, or people manage to find out about them. What took so long? In the entire history of this demon-fighting organization, why is the main character the first outsider to ever witness a slaying? (At least it’s not as bad as a centuries-old being with the mind of a high-schooler, though.)

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