Pokemon SoulSilver – Tough Battles and Total Pansies

I can't even make a snide comment, this is awesome.

By the way, in the time before he went to bed, my brother couldn’t beat Whitney. He actually traded in Pokemon from Diamond just to get the job done and still almost lost. Anyway, the space between Goldenrod and the next town is almost all nonstop trainer battles, but there are also some very interesting side attractions for the curious. I am of course talking about the new Pokeathalon center, which is basically meant to be a sort of Pokemon Olympic games. I’m not even going to talk about it here, though – there is so much stuff you can do here that I could write a feature-length article about it – I suggest looking it up yourself if you’re trying to live the game vicariously through my posts, lol. I played a quick round at the dome, and it was fun, though I was confused as hell. I can see blowing a lot of time here in the aftergame.

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Pokemon SoulSilver – Catching Cut, Mountain Training, and Making Girls Cry

She's a cryer.

Every time I’ve beaten a gym so far, 3 hours have passed. So I’ve currently got about 9 hours on the game. When I woke up at 4:45 or so today, I went and asked my brother how far he was – like me, he had just beaten the second gym and rival encounter – except he had only been playing for about 2 and a half hours. Obviously I am the slowest gamer ever, though I still beat Whitney before he could. By the way, my bro is naming all of his Pokemon after Gurren Lagann characters, and named his rival ‘Rossiu’.

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Pokemon SoulSilver – Team Rocket, Bugsy, and Round 2 With ASSCOCK

^ Douche.

And so, the journey continues. First thing I did after handing Faulker his ass was head to the ruins, which are a fun little sidequest type thing, though it appears that you need Surf to do anything there besides catch Unown. I caught one and named it ‘INOWHOUR!!‘ and then, as per the genius idea of @Canon2D, caught another one named ‘UNOWNWSHER‘ (sadly, character limit denied the full effect, but still fun.) Those Unown were all I caught between then and now, because I have a plan to only catch Pokemon that I will want in my ‘finalized team’, so rather than train other Pokemon that I will just put away in the future, I will just build up the ones I have now that I plan to hold on to.

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