Casshern Sins – A Surefire Favorite to the Right Audience

Like my Simoun post, I am going to do this post in the form of a spoiler-free review followed by a spoilerific summation of how I felt on the series. Expect to see a lot of posts in this formula, since I like it.

Casshern Sins is not for everyone. The show pretty much moves at one pace, and that pace is ‘slow’. There is a lot of silence, introspection, and philosophical dialog. Ordinarily, this would make one assume the show is pretentious (especially since it has a lot of similarities to Texhnolyze), but it really isn’t. Casshern has a very simple plot, very simple dialog, and is easy to understand, so people looking for a mind-blower won’t find it here. The plot and messages of Casshern Sins are much more along the lines of Kino’s Journey or Mushi-shi. However, just like action fans will be turned off by the slow pace, fans of more quiet, contemplative anime might be turned off by the fact that there is at least one fight scene per episode and they can at times be lengthy. So the niche here is kind of small, requiring that you like a good variety of styles. I happen to fall into that niche.

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