100 Characters For 100 Otaku (Part Eighteen: 15-11)

The eighteenth post in “100 Characters For 100 Otaku.”

It’s truly down to the wire as we enter the final three posts in “100 Characters For 100 Otaku!” Has your favorite character shown up yet? If not, don’t fret – while it’s true I may have left them out on purpose, there’s a high chance I have never heard of your favorite character or not seen enough of their work. If there is someone you think I should know about, by all means, recommend them to me as convincingly as you can! Meanwhile, let’s see 15 through 11!

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Gunslinger Girl Chapter-by-Chapter – Ch. 3 – The Snow White

A post in the Epic Journey.

Chapter Number: 3 (vol. 1) 34 pgs.
Chapter Title: The Snow White
Focus Characters: Triela, Hillshire, Marco
Short Summary: Triela accidentally kills a guy who Hillshire is trying to question. When Hillshire says she should not shoot without his permission, she comments that if he wants her under control, he should pump her full of the medication. Hillshire and Giuseppe discuss the trouble of training the girls on minimum dosage. Meanwhile, Triela is suffering from major cramps as she is on her period.

The Triela-Hillshire team does a mission as a favor for Section 1 to take Mario Possi into protective custody so he can testify against the mob. Hillshire knows Marco from his time as a police officer and tracks him down. Marco escapes while under Triela’s watch and immediately runs into gang thugs. Triela dispatches them and then discusses things with Marco. Marco realizes that he may be the cause of Triela’s cyborgism since his story of exporting babies with the mob matches up with hers of being found in Amsterdam, but he doesn’t say anything. He tells Triela that he is avoiding custody so that he can see his daughter and Triela lets him go.

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