Is Nakata Jouji Taking Wakamoto Norio’s Place?

Wakamoto Norio is one of the best-known and best-liked seiyuu in the Western fandom, renowned for his thunderous and booming voice that lends to unforgettable villains and comic performances, as well as for his smooth, “sober” voice that makes him one of the coolest cats around. According to ANN, he’s the 14th-most prolific Japanese seiyuu, and indeed, his name can be seen on an incredible number of cast lists, often playing joke and cameo roles that’re obviously written with the purpose of having him play the character.

A couple of years ago, it seemed like everywhere I turned, there was another Wakamoto role, but then last year that all but ceased. I can’t remember hearing Wakamoto’s voice in a single 2010 anime, and I watched quite a few of them.

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