A Three-Step Guide to Having Fun With Bad Anime For Under Ten Dollars – 1. Buy Garzey's Wing 2. Watch Garzey's Wing Dubbed 3. Laugh Your Ass Off

Meet Chris. His sword is unbelievably dull, and he is SO easygoing. While on the way to his class reunion, a rainbow duck teleports his spirit to another realm. On the way through the wormhole to another world, it is remarked that ‘it looks like a man is falling’ to the reply of ‘a young man, isn’t he?’ He arrives in the middle of a war. He is Garzey’s Wing, and he is shining. And even dinosaurs are here.

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Overman King Gainer op… Yeah.

Overman King Gainer is a Yoshiyuki Tomino show, meaning it makes absolutely no fucking sense whatsoever and is hilarious in it’s strangeness. It’s a lot like Turn A Gundam on the scale of weirdness, only the plot makes even less sense and there’s way more action. Anyway the op is by the guitarist of JAM Project, and the song-video combo is made of epic win. See for yourself.