I’m Making “Seiyuu Cards”

Ridiculously attentive readers may have noticed the “Seiyuu Cards” page I put up a few days ago. This idea bubbled up out of my desire to easily compile the roles that I care about from different creators without having to wade through ANN or MAL pages. Originally this plan was to include all creators, and may yet still, but for now I’m focused on seiyuu.

Making these seiyuu cards is fun for me because I lack the words to talk about seiyuu regularly. It’s not easy to put into words why, for instance, I love Hanazawa Kana’s performance as Nessa in Fractale so much, beyond “she’s so adorable!” Any other aspect of the series I could break down intricately, and I feel like my inability to talk about seiyuu betrays the depth at which I care about them. These days, seiyuu alone can be my reason for watching a series (see Fractale again).

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The cards aren’t very pretty nor consistent since I’m using MS Paint to make them, but they’re unique in that they don’t cover every role that a seiyuu has. In fact, neither do they cover all of the seiyuu’s noteworthy roles. (For instance, the Goto Yuko card does not contain Kaede from Shuffle because I have no intention of ever watching Shuffle).

The factors deciding what roles get put on the cards are as follows: 1. It’s a performance I enjoy (regardless of whether I liked the anime—see Bungaku Shoujo on HanaKana’s card). 2. It’s a performance from a show that I like and am likely to watch again. (This is for roles I either don’t remember well enough or didn’t care for the first time, but know that I will watch the show and hear them again). 3. Shows that I know I’m going to watch at some point and will probably enjoy the roles. (This goes for both series I haven’t gotten around to like Key the Metal Idol on Iwao Junko’s card and one’s that haven’t started yet, like Ao no Futsumashi and Deadman Wonderland on HanaKana’s card). So the roles that get left off are either ones that I didn’t like, or ones from shows that I don’t intend to watch.

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The position of roles on each card are entirely unorganized, though I did try to put my current favorite roles near the top. If I tried to organize the roles, editing the cards would be a massive pain in the ass, whereas this way I can just tack on new roles at the bottom. On the Seiyuu Cards page itself, the cards are displayed alphabetically by seiyuu. The images are just the best-looking one on the character’s MAL page, since MAL images are mostly helpfully consistent.

I’ve only done five seiyuu so far and have been selecting them at random from the shows I’m watching, but if you like the project and would like to see a certain seiyuu’s card get made, I’m open for requests (though they might not be that helpful to you if I hate your favorite shows lol).

More cards:

31 thoughts on “I’m Making “Seiyuu Cards”

  1. Ooh, nice start. I used to watch seiyuu videos, to hear the different voices they can perform. I guess if you hear the characters voices in your head while you look at these cards, it can give the same feel.

    I like browsing through seiyuu roles via AniDB, but sometimes there aren’t pictures to some of the roles. And here, the pictures are larger. ^^

    I would like to see a Sawashiro Miyuki seiyuu card, but that’s because she is my favorite seiyuu ^^.

  2. No Skuld for Hisakawa Aya?

    Can’t wait for the Megumi Hayashibara one. You could arrange them by personality type (Lina Inverse to Rei Ayanami).

  3. “… I have no intention of ever watching Shuffle.”

    GOOD. I’m watching it right now with Desbreko, because the Blu-Rays are out and he likes the second half of the series, but it’s just utter pain right now. I can’t watch more than two episodes at once; it’s like getting a spike made out of pure brain cancer and hammering it into my skull. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted an entire cast of characters to die as much as in Shuffle!

    Kana’s card blows my mind

  4. I really like this little project of yours. I always enjoyed visual representations of likes in this kind of way :D

    Takehito Koyasu would be fun to see ^_^

    • Oh dear god, Koyasu would take an entire afternoon to make lol

      Glad you like the cards~ I think they’ll be helpful for me keeping track of people and not ending up doing things like thinking thinking one actor played a role through an entire episode, only to find out it was someone else.

      • He’d be worth it!

        I’d totally make my own little cards to rememeber Seiyuu’s better because I have favourites but to be damned if I can remember their names half the time. XD

  5. Dude this will be of great help to people like me who have really big trouble remembering seiyuus and connecting them to their characters. >_<

    You should make more

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