Minor Characters That Deserve Their Own Anime


This post on Low On Hit Points inspired me to do a post about my favorite minor characters. I won’t be defining it necessarily by pure screentime, as some will be more minor than others. However, these are all characters that were around, but had little focus. They might have done something really useful once or twice, but when all is said and done, they don’t get a huge place. They are characters who most people would forget all about once the show is over, but a select fanbase will never forget them.

1. Allenby Beardsley (G Gundam) – You had to see this coming what with all those posts I did about her, haha. Allenby is an awesome character who is representative of everything great in G Gundam but doesn’t really get a spotlight. She has her moments and occasional episode focus, but fans of the show probably wouldn’t even recognize her name out of context. I found her to be extremely cute and captivating, and just all-around loved her personality. She has a lot of spirit, passion, and honor for fighting, and she’s extremely dedicated. She is the kind of person I’d like to have around.

2. Ruri Hoshino (Martian Successor Nadesico)- Probably one of the most classically popular minor characters around. She’s hard not to love with her fun personality and surprisingly deep development within the span of just a couple episodes that focus on her. Arguably, most of the characters in Nadesico are probably more minor than her, but I couldn’t really call her a major character. She was easily one of my favorite things about the show, though, and I’ve heard others say similar.

3. Miashei Kune (Turn A Gundam) – I will admit, I have a natural affinity for black girls in anime. Perhaps because they are rare, or perhaps because of my inherent blackness – I don’t know. Miashei doesn’t really do much aside from being Sochie’s friend and tagalong, but she is a lot of fun regardless. I love her boobs. They just have that lovable quality about them. As does she. Waifu material. (do not search on booru O_o)

4. Cindy Klein (Earth Maiden Arjuna) – Cindy is a very pissed-off loli who initially inspires rage-hate. She is overly attached to the wheelchair kid and overly aggressive. However, in one episode we see a deeper side to her where we hear her very interesting backstory and she lightens up a lot to the point of becoming a respectable character, however we see almost none of her afterward. Gets additional points for several nipple shots in the show.

5. William B. Baxter (Eureka Seven) – And it would be a slice of life anime! And it would be adorable, but a little melancholy, like Natsume Yuujinchou, and it would make me cry! Will commands my infinite interest and respect in his one episode appearance in Eureka Seven, and I could always use more of him!

6. Kunihiro Suizenji (Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu) – This guy is almost out of place in this serious drama as a hilarious and over-the-top character who is something like what happens if you stir together Haruhi Suzumiya and Kamina. He is a hardcore conspiracy theorist who camps out on UFO hunts and takes pictures of military bases and shit. He is majorly inspirational toward the main character in some ways and is the kind of exciting and interesting person that every group of friends should have. Just all-around a great guy. His role is incredibly minor, though, and god knows what happened to him after episode 3.

7. Hideaki Asaba (Kare Kano) – A fucking sexy man! Also he is the funnest character in the show and has moments of incredible awesomeness. You can tell he is more of a character in the manga and the anime ends right at the start of a new relationship for him, but the anime keeps him a little more on the down-low as a kick-ass supporting dude. There were other supporting characters from this show I loved as well (Sakura Subaki was nice, but I wouldn’t have remembered without looking her up), but they didn’t stick with me as much it seems.

8. Akira Okuzaki (Mai-HiME) – I cannot fucking remember this show at all (will rewatch soon) except that there were a LOT of excellent characters, however the one I really thought deserved more screentime was the epic reverse trap, Akira. Aside from being a great character design, her relationship with Mai’s brother was so adorable, especially since it looked like bl at first. I really wanted more of her, but she isn’t a very popular doujin material it seems.


10. Shinichi Okazaki (Nana) – Nana is another show where a lot of great characters could have used more showing, and probably get it in the manga, but my favorite was definitely Shin. He was a 15 year-old boy who starts off looking normal and joins Nana’s band when he runs away from home. Every time they show him, he’s got more piercings and crazier hair and clothes and is living under more unusual circumstances. He whores himself out to middle-aged women for cash and a place to sleep. He’s also a much deeper thinker than he lets on and has a much broader outlook on life than most of the show’s characters. I thought he was a ton of fun and kind of reminds me of my friend Zerodyme.

11. Komatsu Chiaki (Niea_7) – Mayuko’s weird-ass alien-obsessed classmate. She’s a total fujoshi. Being drawn by Yoshitoshi ABe is an automatic bonus, and being one of his most lively characters is another. Hilarious when high. Possible girlfriend material. Lot of style.

12. Hisami Shiishi (R.O.D. the TV) – One of the most aggravating character deletions ever!!! She was Anita’s yuri lover!!! One of the best parts of the show! I can say that I got into yuri partially in part because of her and Anita’s relationship. She was pretty much a moeblob loli for the most part, but removing her I felt was a big mistake on the part of making less fun with Anita.

13. Yoshiko Tanaka – (The Legend of Black Heaven) – Certainly my most obscure choice, Oji’s wife was pretty much the best part of Black Heaven. She was cute and had a great personality and is the main contributor to the ridiculous awesomeness that is one of the greatest endings in anime history. God, more people need to see this fucking show.

14. Tycho Science (Diebuster) – Probably the strangest thing in Diebuster was how they went through the trouble of giving her an episode to develop and get close to the viewer, and then she never fucking shows up again. GIVE US MORE YOU BASTARDS!

15. Suzumi Tamao (Strawberry Panic!) – Because if she hadn’t been the third wheel, this fucking show would have been watchable.

The fact that I had a hard time finding images for some of these characters is a testament to their minorness lol.

12 thoughts on “Minor Characters That Deserve Their Own Anime

  1. I can think of a bunch as well…

    Faye Valentine (Cowboy Bebop)
    Fritz von Bittenfeld (Legend of the Galactic Heroes) Attenborough and Poplan fags can dive into a black hole.
    Klan Klan (Macross Frontier) This is going to be a smash hit.
    Jeremiah Gottwald (Code Geass) He has to defend his orange farm from the dark forces of agriculture.
    Minoru FUCKING Shiraishi (Lucky Star)

  2. Re Faye, she’d lead her own cowboy outfit with a bunch of chicks. I got this idea watching her dynamic with Julia. Faye will be great surrounded by other women. Think a maho shoujo type of series only without the magic. A Tuxedo-mask type of character can provide some love interest. It’ll be awesome!

  3. I can see someone making an anime out of all of Lucky Star’s barely used side characters and literally have the new series be better than the original one. Not dissing Lucky Star here, I’m just saying that they had a ton of unused potential.

    I regularly root for the bad guys in Gundam 00. I’d rather the series star Graham, Ali, Patrick, and Nena as the four main pilots.

    And as much as I’ve come to like Clare, Teresa will always be the star of Claymore in my eyes. She made that show in the beginning. A side series dedicated to her would be pretty sweet.

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