Screaming "Otaku!" 01 and 02 – Kentaro "Fucking" Miura and Code "Johnny" – WEBCOMIC

Screaming “Otaku!” 01 – Kentaro “Fucking” Miura (click to enlarge)

Yeah, I drew a stick figure comic and put it on the internet. Therefor, it’s a webcomic! I’ve been meaning to do this for a while but I always ended up not for whatever reason. I draw enough stick figures and have enough jokes about anime that I don’t see why I wouldn’t post them. No harm in it, anyway! The title is meant to be a double-meaning. Yes, I always draw those humongous harsh lines.

So anyway, the first post is an extremely current event, as Kaoru Kurimoto, author of the longest-running single person series in the world, Guin Saga, died just last night. This is certainly not the first time an author has died before the completion of their masterwork. Kentaro Miura has often cited Guin Saga as his biggest inspiration for writing Berserk, and he may plan to end it in a similar way. After 20 years of writing, Miura still claims to be less than halfway done with the series, and yet he takes constant breaks to fuel his addiction to Nico Nico Douga and IdolM@ster games. Both Funeral and Zerodyme, my roommates, are huge Berserk fans, as am I, and as such the name ‘Kentaro Fucking Miura’ is tossed around a lot, lol. Oh, and the song Miura’s playing in the last frame is “Agent Yoru wo Iku“.

Screaming “Otaku!” 02 – Code “Johnny” (click to enlarge) (ICWATUDIDTHAR.)

Even though I traced the outline of the first comic, the lines are still hideously uneven, lol. This is a more blatant reference to the first episode of Eden of the East, which I’ve bitched about continuously since it started. There are a number of subtle references in here too, for you Tsutomu Nihei and Yoko Kanno fans. I think the art is a little confusing in this one… but I don’t care.

14 thoughts on “Screaming "Otaku!" 01 and 02 – Kentaro "Fucking" Miura and Code "Johnny" – WEBCOMIC

  1. Oh, fuck, forgot to link.

    EDIT: There, he’s been given some Extenze

    Hilariously, Blue happened to come on as I was editing that post.

  2. ak: lol, well I can’t draw worth a fuck, but I’ve been doing stick figure comics for like 7 years now… and these are rather minimum-effort. You chould see how detailed a fight scene I can create with stick figures.

  3. Eden of the East = An extreme overuse of the word “Johhny”.

    @ Sakura = Me too, I always wondered if Rumiko would ever finish it. I wonder how long her next one will last? 3? 4? 5 decades?

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