Released and Relinquished Introduction – Great Shows That Dropped Stateside and Flopped Miserably

Gundam may be huge, but how many non-Japanese know of Jojos Bizarre Adventure?

Gundam may be huge, but how many Americans know of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure?

Here in South-East Virginia we have a small, local anime convention called Nekocon. I’ve never gone to it before, because I know some of the people who go there every year, and none of them are really anime fans, which made me wary. However, since last year, my good friend and fellow Virginian Patz of The Gaming Dungeon and I have considered going for the sole purpose of running a panel there. This year we went for it, and our panel has been approved.

Our idea is “Released and Relinquished.” We will talk about great shows that were released on DVD in the US only to be totally ignored. Some are shows that faded from attention fast, and some are shows that posted such miserable sales that you can still find copies everywhere simply because no one can get rid of the stock! Our guidelines for choices were that the shows didn’t do well in sales, but are still easily findable, if at least on Amazon.

So why bring this up on my blog? Well, Patz and I chose 4 shows apiece to talk about and generally we plan to get into why the audience would like the show and play some clips or the opening and/or ending videos. Talking about any one show should last around five minutes, and I figured, hell, that information sounds like just the right amount for a blog post!

So, here’s what we’re gonna do. Tomorrow, I’m going to make a post on my first show. Then the next day, Patz will make a post over on his blog about his first show. We’ll go back and forth for a total of eight days, leaving Patz about a week to compile it all into a powerpoint for us to present at Nekocon. This way, no one has to miss out on the panel! (consider the comments to be live a Q and A session, and viola!)

Hopefully we’ll get some videos from the panel, too, so that none of the discussion gets left behind~

6 thoughts on “Released and Relinquished Introduction – Great Shows That Dropped Stateside and Flopped Miserably

    • lol. Well, there could end up being a video, so you can see it anyway :D It wouldn’t be worth going to such a small con for. We might not even stick around the whole weekend ourselves lol.

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