When writing my last post, I didn’t really get why Urobuchi Gen thought now was the time to come out about the lie of Madoka Magica. Of course, that’s because I’m an idiot who hadn’t watched the third episode.

Part of my brain is saying ,”no way, she can’t be dead—she’s in the opening theme, on the promo material…”

But the other half is saying, “SHAFT already trolled us to begin with, they’re known for changing opening themes, and everything makes sense now.”

I’d read that there was a death in this episode, but I could never have expected this. Now I really understand why they bothered with that troll—so that our expectations wouldn’t leave us prepared for this.

Now I’ve got that Shiki 19 feeling of total despair and emptiness.

This show is a masterpiece.

Update: Now that I’ve given it more thought, I really don’t trust that Mami is dead. It seems like there was way too much foreshadowing about her character to end her time in the series. DiGiKerot also pointed out that there’s a chance Madoka could wish her back to life if it’s possible.


  1. So you don’t think Madoka is going to use her wish to bring Mami back to life, then? Assuming that’s possible, of course.

    Not that I’d imagine such an endeavour would go anything like well in the long run…

    • Who knows, maybe it’s possible. Again, half of my brain is convinced that they wouldn’t advertise Mami so heavily just to kill her in three episodes. But I’m not the type to blindly guess at where a show is going. I’ll just fucking freak out until Thursday.

  2. I was shocked by her death. Not just because I liked Mami, but because people don’t usually die for real in magical girl anime.

    (And by the way, I backtracked and read that Shiki post, since I’ve seen the series now…you and I would not have agreed on that anime. I wanted Sunako and Muroi to die, and when they didn’t I raged.)

  3. Definitely the odds are on Madoka wishing her back to life, but what happens at that point? Mami saying that wishing for other people had a huge chance of going wrong, that seems like foreshadowing to me.

    All I know for sure is, I was watching before for the rad visuals and Darker Than Nanoha take on mahou shoujo, but now you can add “wondering what the hell these guys will do next” to the list.

  4. I felt surprised and pain at the same time, I thought she gets swallowed as a whole, but after the falling headless body (from the Puella Magi mode into normal mode, then falls) gets chased by the witch and chewed. Later on the chewed headless body falls from the exploded witch, while her cup falls broken with the Grieve Seed.

    The twist in this story after the episode, Madoka won’t turn into a Puella Magi until the final three episodes of this series. Sayaka won’t use her wish for Mami and keeps convincing Madoka to use her wish for Mami, but Madoka is too scared of the consequence after she saw Mami gets killed. Madoka is in a pinch and Homura (from the parallel world, pleas don’t tell she’s acting like Rika, who has the recollection of memories from the previous worlds she failed to stop Madoka from turning into a Puella Magi) is not on time to save Madoka, so Sayaka immediately make a contract with cunning Kyuubei (Kyuubey) as for her wish to heal her friend. Sayaka slaps Madoka and she walks away. Kyuubei (Kyuubey) still insisting/convincing Madoka to become a Puella Magi. Mami won’t return no more however, if this is like Higurashi or Future Trunks plot-like.

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