Steins;Gate Stands To Steal My Declaration Of “Best Dialog In Anime”

Is it just me or does it look like she's not wearing underwear?

Since 2008 I’ve been considering Kure-nai the almighty champion of anime dialog, but I’m starting to feel like Steins;Gate could steal the crown. I actually like that the show moves slowly because it means more time for this fucking brilliant dialog. Hanada Jukki deserves one hell of a pat on the back for this.

Insult of the fucking month

It also may steal Kure-nai’s spot as the fastest a show has gotten a guaranteed spot on my favorites list. Kure-nai got it after episode 6. This show will have it if the next episode stays as awesome as it’s been.

This explanation was perfect

That’s all—I don’t know what it is but this show compels me to episodically blog it.

10 thoughts on “Steins;Gate Stands To Steal My Declaration Of “Best Dialog In Anime”

  1. Agreed so much. They have totally utilized Okarin’s “mad man” status to set up amazing lines in every episode long. It’s even better because the writer’s have managed to make all the characters play off him well.

  2. Hmmmmm. HMMMMMMM.
    I dumped Stein’s;Gate after the first episode, which pissed me off. And right now I’m rewatching Kurenai,which I love, and am loving it more & more.
    So, shall I go crawling back to give SG a second chance?

    BTW, two commenting oyagis in a row!

    • Well, it’s not quite like Kure-nai, but it’s worth a shot. Kure-nai also had a first episode that was sort of slow and not a good setup for what to expect – steins gate hasn’t changed much but it’s introduced the rest of its cast and fleshed out the dialog to become really entertaining. I think I like shows in a somewhat similar way, but I think they have two different kinds of wicked-smart dialog. Kure-nai is like a smart stage play while Steins Gate is like a crazy gonzo-style drug novel.

  3. Steins;Gate is amazing and I’ve heard rumors that they might localize the 360 VNs that the partnership or whatever has done.

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  5. “Daru is like the universe – constantly expanding”

    -I thought Okarin refers to Daru’s computer skills, because he said himself that he is the greatest computer nerd. But now if I think about it, it’s even funnier this way :D

    I agree with you, great writing, I hope the rest from the series can match that as well. I should watch ChäoS;HEAd as well.

    • He was referring to the fact that Debu’s shirt had been horribly stretched, lol.

      Also Chaos Head is apparently quite terrible. While the game is by the same people, the anime adaptions are entirely different teams.

      • Yeah, I have heard it is terrible, but ironical I still want to watch it to shape my own opinion. If that makes sense. There must be something wrong with my brain ^^

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