My Entire Goddamn Collection (with notes)

Look, I’m a showboating otaku (if that wasn’t blatantly fucking obvious). Of course I love to see people’s otaku rooms, and I love to try and show off my own, even though it’s less of an otaku room than it used to be.

I used to have fuckloads of posters covering my walls—mostly stuff from Megami and other magazines, the majority of which were given to me by a friend. (He kept the stuff he liked and gave the rest to me. I was less discriminating because I wanted a room completely covered in anime posters.) I also had a bunch of posters that came with DVDs, and a number of DVD covers (the ones with a full image on the back) stuck to my walls. I took a ton of old Anime Insider magazines, tore out full-page images that I liked, and put those up. None of these remain.

My room is in disarray 90% of the time, and since I’ve just converted it into a set for a show I’m creating, it’s even more chaotic than usual. (Especially because I’m using my shelves as camera rigs.) The fact that there’s a bunch of big, expensive lights in my room, however, was helpful in taking nice pictures; and when people I follow on twitter started posting collection pics, I had to jump in.

Now is a great time to do this, despite my lack of total otaku-craziness going on, because of the fact that I’ve stopped collecting things for the most part. I’ve probably bought less than ten things since last year’s Otakon, and I don’t intend on going this year, so my collection is in a stalemate. This is fine, because by the end of Otakon last year, I’d purchased most of the things that I really wanted to have in my collection.

The next time it will make sense to do this won’t be until I get a job and possibly start collecting again. Until that time, this is essentially my complete collection.

The Room

My room is ridiculously big (which is why I couldn’t cover all my walls and ceiling even with all those posters), has a staircase going up to it, and has its own bathroom, so keep that in mind to understand the pictures.

Clicking on images will greatly enhance your ability to comprehend them.

The first shot is what you’d see standing just outside my door. The labelled sections will each be explored in-depth over the course of this post. As I move around the room, you will develop a sense of the space and location of these areas.

As you fully emerge into the room and turn a little to your left, it will look like this:

The next images will be from the opposite corner of the room, labelled “AREA 5” in the above images. I was standing on my desk chair for these.

The first image is the right side of the room from this perspective.

Now, I turn towards the entrance. Apologies for my laziness in moving the light rigs.

Finally, I turn to the left, facing the wall that was on the right in the first image.

As you should have gathered by now, each “area” refers to one of the shelving units that house part of my collection and their surroundings. Areas six and seven would ordinarily be against this wall, forming my main collection wall, but because those shelving units are being used as camera rigs in the show that I’m creating, they are scattered.

Hopefully you now have a decent idea of where everything is in relationship to each-other. I recommend consulting these images again if you start to get confused.

This is one of my two figure shelves, which also houses most of my artbooks. The figures here are mostly small, and the majority are ones I bought in the Philippines (nearly all of which are here). Above the shelf is my favorite wall-scroll, of Kagamin and Konata from Lucky Star hugging on the beach. This scroll, which I bought in 2009, used to represent my shipping of the characters, but these days I prefer to interpret a straight Kagamin. Mostly because I want to bone her. Also, my graduation tassel is hanging there.

Here’s a closer view of the whole shelf, with labelled sections.

There are two unlabeled bottom shelves. The one on the left has random Ghost in the Shell figures that were handed out at one of Bandai’s panels at Otakon 2011. The other just has a single Figma bag stuffed with parts from all of my figmas, and some boxes.

Now we’re getting into the meat of things! Area 1. A. contains:

1. Nadeko from Bakemonogatari, bought at Otakon 2011.

2. CANAAN figma. Self-gift for Christmas 2010. What I mean by that is, my dad usually just gives my brothers and I a bunch of money for Christmas and we buy shit online.

3. Senjougahara from Bakemonogatari figma. Bought in the Philippines in a store. I got this one almost just because I could do the point pose from episode 5, and I’ve been too lazy to change it since then. Usually the poses of my figmas only change when my mecha-fanboy brother gets his hands on them.

4. Kagamiku figma. (Kagamin cossplaying Hatsune Miku, as seen in the Lucky Star OVA). When I bought this at Otakon in 2009 it was probably the coolest thing ever to me, since I was a huge Lucky Star and Hatsune Miku fan.

5. Mayoi from Bakemonogatari, also bought at Otakon 2011.

6. That rolled-up thing is this weird… mat? It’s got characters from ef on it, and my friend gave it to me in 2008 when I was hugely into ef. I have no idea where he got it or what it’s supposed to be used for. I used to have it out, but it was a huge pain in the ass.

In Area 1. B., all of these figures were purchased in the Philippines except for Shiki. Most were bought at the toy convention that I attended with a bunch of Filipino anime bloggers.

1. Nagi nendoroid from Hayate no Gotoku. Comes with Tama.

2. Shiki from Kara no Kyoukai nendoroid. Another self-gift from Christmas 2010.

3. Cure Sunshine from Heartcatch Precure. Fun fact: I still haven’t gotten far enough in Heartcatch to actually see Cure Sunshine.

4. Band of the Hawk Griffith from Berserk.

5. Flandre Scarlet of Touhou nendoroid. I cannot even tell you how excited I was to get a Flandre and Remilia figure. Doing so was when I knew my collection had reached its peak.

6. The titular character of Saki.

7. Caska from Berserk. Her sword broke when I was putting it in her hand, right after it survived banging around in a backpack with all the other toys through multiple flights.

8. Remilia Scarlet nendoroid. Pretty sure I had a rager when I bought this.

9. Cure Marine of Heartcatch Precure. So far still my favorite Precure.

10. Reimu of Touhou nendoroid. Sadly I think this one’s a fake, but still cool.

Area 1. C. contains:

1. A set of mini-figures from To Aru Kagaku no Railgun. This set had 10 figures total. The other 5 had the main four girls in gym uniforms doing workouts, and the scientist woman. I gave those ones to my little brother who’s also a fan of the show. I bought the entire set just so that I could get Komoe-sensei. Bought this set in the Philippines.

2. Gintoki from Gintama in teacher mode. Got this from a would-be random box in the Philippines at a Toys’R’Us, but they mark the boxes with what character is inside.

3. I have no idea what possessed me to buy Scarlett Kiss from Star Driver, which I still haven’t finished, and I had to actually look up her name. I like her but not THAT much! Bought it at Otakon 2011.

4. Nobu-nee from Ichigo Mashimaro in a china dress. Like with my Komoe-sensei stuff, I bought this just because I really wanted to have something of the character, and this was the only thing I could find. It’s a TRUE LOVE purchase. From Otakon 2011.

5. You can barely see her back there, but it’s a cheap catgirl Nagato Yuki figure which is very posable and falls apart constantly. This thing was a freebie that ToysLogic threw in because we ordered so much shit from them at Christmas 2011.

6. Kagura, also from Gintama and a Toys’R’Us in the Philippines.

Area 1. D. is the artbook shelf, although it doesn’t contain all of my artbooks.

1. This is a stack of the first five volumes of ROBOT. It’s worth mentioning that I’ve never read these. I read little bits of 4 and 5 after buying them at a local store and Otakon 2008, respectively, and realized the comics were serial, so I should start from the beginning. Then my best friend found the first three on a Yahoo auction for 20 bucks a pop and bought them for me, with the expectation that I’d pay him back. I told him I’d pay him back when I get a job. It’s been four years, and I’ve never gotten a job, but both of us have remained very aware of this promise for the past four years. It’s a major goal of mine to pay him back with my first paycheck and then read all of these lol.

2. A KEI artbook, with a hilarious story. I bought this at Otakon 2009 because I flipped through and thought, “nice pics of Hatsune Miku, also cute girls smoking, only 30 bucks, why not.” It took me an entire year to find out that KEI was actually the person who designed Miku to begin with.

3. My favorite artbook and the only one I’m totally happy with owning, is Candy Rain, with the works of my favorite character designer, Sakai Kyuuta. Bought at Otakon 2011.

4. A stack of Yoshitoshi ABe artbooks, including Gaisokyu and the NieA_7 book. The Lain artbook would be over here, but it’s been elsewhere for a year (we’ll get to that). I got all of my ABe stuff at Otakon 2008, back when I was a diehard fan of him.

Moving along, here’s Section 2! On the right is a disorganized shelf mostly for video games, and on the right is my main figure shelf.

Here’s a bunch of Pokemon plushies, which I accumulated over time. The only one I specifically remember getting was Munchlax, which my mom brought home for me because he’s my favorite Pokemon. Also on this shelf is the dog from Excel Saga, which is one of many things that I got from my aunt when she shipped me all of her and her daughter’s anime stuff a year or so ago.

Here is more or less all of the video games that I still own. A number of my games are simply lost (like anything on the GBA), and I gave a lot of the games I used to own to my little brothers or sold them. The stack of games underneath this shelf is of games that I was considering selling recently, or don’t work. Also, some of these games aren’t even mine, but were left in my room recently. All of the titles are easy enough to read, so I won’t bother listing them out here.

These were on the bottom of the game shelf, and if I’m not mistaken, these were the first anime-related toys that I ever bought (if not my Alexander Anderson ones). They were among a spattering of anime toys that were sold at Suncoast back in the day when that even existed, and was *the* place to buy anime DVDs for my cousin and I. These went on sale for like three bucks apiece before Suncoast stopped selling them, so I picked them up. I’d only seen ten episodes of Evangelion at the time and I wasn’t a super-huge fan of it back then, but I guess I found the third angel really cool. By the way, these are in those plastic bubbles because they’re fucking impossible to stand up.

Area 2. C. is more or less the shit tier figure shelf. While the frontline of minis is okay, and those doujins are nice, the middle-ground is a litany of regret…

1. These are I Am An Alien, I Have A Question and Pochiyama at the Pharmacy, a pair of doujinshi by Yoshitoshi ABe. They’re supposedly signed by him, though even if the signature is real, it’s only on the plastic cover and not on the cover itself, which is kind of lame. Nonetheless, they weren’t overly expensive. Bought at Otakon 2008.

2. Tama-chan from Bamboo Blade… and all of my regret. This figure is boring, comes with armor and a sword that it can’t wear or wield, and costed 80 bucks that I can never have back. Also, the pegs on the stand broke off into its feet when my whole figure shelf crashed one time. ARGGHHH

3. Here’s a saucy little Haruhi which ghostlightning gave me from his collection.

4. The little Kagamin and Miyuki were also from ghostlightning, because I’m pretty sure he had doubles of them. They come apart way too damn easily, but they’re nice.

5. Notice the little Veritech hiding back there? Yeah, it’s a VERITECH, because it came with the first twelve episodes of ROBOTECH, which I bought and sold in 2004/5. This poor little guy has long been missing an arm and can’t fully transform into plane mode, which, when he could, made him function as one of those little cars that you can pull back, let go, and they roll across the table. I think he’s stuck in whatever position he’s in, which is fine because I think his head might be missing also.

6. Did anyone watch Busou Shinki Moon Angel? It was based on a toy line of customizable robot girls which apparently tied into some kind of online element or something. These things are pretty cool because they come with a wide assortment of weapons and body parts to play with and are highly posable… if you don’t lose their stand, which I somehow managed to do, limiting my figure to ground poses with her various weapons, and rendering her wings and backpack accessories useless. I bought this at a local store in 2007, and it has the distinct honor of being my first female figure.

7. Mei and Manabi from Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight, whom I bought from blind boxes at Otakon 2008.

8. Lain with her hand against the wall would probably still be one of the coolest figures in my collection if it weren’t a shitty fake that I bought for thirty bucks at Otakon 2008. It’s based on a great image from the artbook, but the figure doesn’t work correctly—its feet don’t match up with their pegs, so it won’t stand correctly, and then I think I made matters worse by breaking off one of the pegs into its foot, and also breaking off one of its hands. The paint job isn’t great, either.

9. Alvis from Last Exile. Came with the first DVD+artbox combo, which I got on sale.

10. Another blind box that I bought at Otakon 2008, and the one that turned me off from ever buying them again since I don’t care about Tsuruya from Haruhi at all.

Area 2. D. is a step up from 2. C., but still not great. I bought all of these at Otakon 2009 in one grand lesson about how buying cheap figures just doesn’t cut it.

1. Konata from Lucky Star was thirty bucks I think. It’s an alright but thoroughly not-special figure. I’d be happier today if I’d bought Kagamin back then.

2. Eureka from Eureka Seven was a pretty big waste at fifty bucks, especially because she’s another cheap fake that I wasn’t smart enough to spot. I was just so desperate to own an Eureka figure at the time lol.

3. This is the best of these five by far, as Haruhi just looks damn good in that bunny suit, and the suit itself is really well-done. For thirty bucks, this wasn’t a terrible purchase, though these days I have no enthusiasm for Haruhi in general.

4. Again, no enthusiasm, though Nagato was only twelve bucks so whatever.

5. This Hatsune Miku figure is actually pretty decent for thirty bucks, it’s just that it’s incredibly standard, in a world where there are a million drop-dead gorgeous Miku figures if you’re willing to shell out the cash. And now, I just don’t care about Miku.

Area 2. E. is a place for figures I don’t have as much regret about, so it’s a happy place.

1. Sakurano Kurimu from Seitokai no Ichizon came from the toy con in the Philippines. I bought her both because she was cheap, and because the character became very significant to me after writing my 20th birthday post (which I’d written like six months before that birthday even occurred.)

2. Nono from Diebuster. For some reason, in 2008 it was really easy to come by the figures of the two Top wo Nerae girls in stores around my area. They were thirty bucks apiece and I couldn’t resist. I intend to send them both to ghostlightning as soon as I figure out how to mail shit to the Philippines.

3. I bought this Kuroko figure at Otakon 2011, after I’d already lost most of my interest in Railgun, specifically for her pose. Even though she wasn’t wearing just a swimsuit during the scene, Kuroko makes exactly this pose in the second episode. I remember it well because Railgun was the first show that I attempted to episodically blog with lots of images, and ended up taking hundreds of screencaps of each episode. I loved this particular shot to death, but it was a pan-up shot, and I didn’t know how to cut together the images correctly to make the composite whole (and no one had done so just yet).

4. Noriko from Gunbuster. See Nono’s description.

5. I bought Furude Rika for twenty bucks at Nekocon in 2009, and it “saved” figure buying for me at the time. I’d been left largely disappointed by my haul from Otakon 2009, and when I went to Nekocon, I almost didn’t buy any figures. I only ended up buying Rika because she was just twenty bucks, and I found myself incredibly satisfied, heralding her as the queen of my collection for a while. This was also the starting point of my long-standing obsession with Rika, which involved her showing up in my dreams several times.

Here we have my badass Canaan figures, which admittedly are an awesome and pretty concept that wasn’t executed very thoughtfully (just like the show, amirite). Both of these figures are absolutely gorgeous, but they’re made to be firing at one-another. The trouble here is that because they look at one-another, there’s no way to position them that actually shows off how amazing they look. In fact, as of right now, I’m going to go turn these both to face outward, just so this will stop bugging me forever. These two were both about 130 a pop. I can’t remember how I got Canaan. I know I bought Alphard at Otakon 2010, but I can’t remember if I bought her before or after Canaan to judge when I got her.

And here’s the queen of my collection, Black Rock Shooter, the first holy-shit-expensive figure that I bought and, I think, still totally worth it. That shitty TV anime doesn’t even bother me because I still really liked the OVA, which you can see I have on DVD right behind BRS. (There’s actually a number of these around my house because my little brother owns a fuckload of BRS merch.)

Also seen hanging from the top pegs of the shelf are my SOS-dan armband which came with one of the special-edition Haruhi DVDs, and the straps of all my con badges.

You may have noticed in the first shot that this Henrietta plushie also hangs from this shelf. I bought this at Otakon 2008, back when Gunslinger Girl was my favorite thing in the universe and I bought everything I could find for it. This is an awesome plushie, especially considering it was only fifteen bucks. I’ve been remembering love for Gunslinger Girl lately, so I’m kind of excited about seeing this here now.

Area 3 is my whole manga shelf, which is basically full, yet somehow I keep finding ways to fit more manga into here. This shelf will likely spill into another one eventually since manga are basically the only thing I still collect, on account of the fact that not only do i actually read them, I re-read them!

Up here we have a true shelf of classics. The first three volumes of Nasuciaa, which, true facts, I somehow never finished the third one. The first volume of Akira is here too, and I would love nothing more than to own it all, but it’s expensive! We’ve also got eight volumes of Gunslinger Girl in the new Seven Seas bunkoban releases. I still haven’t caught up—I’m halfway through re-reading volume five, but I’ve had a ton of reading material lately.

Trampling these classics under their hooves are three little ponies that my aunt sent me. I don’t have enough pony stuff yet to justify buying another shelf, but it will surely happen.

This is the first of my three sections of manga, which are organized under the most convoluted system imaginable. It works like this: the top section is for series that I own a couple of volumes of and intend to continue buying. The second section is for manga that I’ve already completed, and the third is for manga that I don’t intend on continuing. This system exists basically to push manga that I don’t care about to the bottom of the collection. Each of the sections is organized into some kind of ass-backwards version of alphabetical order, which accounts for the various book sizes, and also isn’t even correct because when I actually read the manga, I’m too lazy to figure out where to put them.

Don’t let the fact that this section is manga I intend to continue trick you into thinking they’re all recent purchases: I’ve had those volumes of Gunsmith Cats, Jing: Twilight Tales, and Genshiken forever, and have had most of this for years. The most recent purchases were volumes two and up of Shugo Chara (so far I’ve read through three) and volume two of Vampire Bund, which I haven’t read yet.

This is the “completed” section, although there are some discrepancies. I don’t really own all of Trigun, but after the first two volumes, it becomes Trigun Maximum, which is technically a different series. Shoulder-a-Coffin Kuro has supposedly finally come off of hiatus, but I don’t know yet if Yen Press will continue to release it stateside. The fifth volume of Stray Little Devil got cut off in this picture, but I do have it. I have not, however, read all of the manga, but my little brother has. (I should give it to him, actually.)

Now we move into the manga that I don’t intend to continue buying. I’ve had most of these for an eternity. Some of them I would be interested in owning, but don’t want to buy because they’re so long (Bleach, One Piece, Yu-Gi-Oh!). Shadow Star is one that I would have bought all of, but found out only after buying two volumes that Dark Horse only ever released eight volumes and then cancelled the series. I have never actually read that volume of Eureka Seven, which was given out at a Bandai panel.

Section two of manga that I don’t intend to continue. Note that the first volume of Naruto has a holographic limited-edition cover, which is why I still own it—I sold the other eleven volumes that I used to have. Underneath Naruto are some novels and manga that my aunt sent me which I haven’t gotten around to reading.

Beside those is a mess of things. Most of those little magazines are Super Manga Blast issues—an anthology mag that Dark Horse ran briefly a long time ago, which I picked up on Free Comic Book Day in 2004. There’s also an assortment of other random FCBD comics piled under there, for random shit like Duel Masters.

That really huge issue with the Jigglypuff on it is the first issue of Pokemon Magical Journey, which is a shoujo Pokemon manga that is absolutely adorable and which I would totally buy more of if I ever found it.

Then we have that huge Japanese manga magazine, Festival!, which is full of naughty images and manga, like Sengoku Rance and Clannad. Underneath is the box which my Uesugi Kenshin dakimakura came in. This package was only thirty bucks (after shipping even, if I’m not mistaken), and I bought it in 2007 when I was first getting big into otakudom and reading shit like Danny Choo or whatever, learning about dakis. It was also right after I met my best friend, who was used to buying shit from Japan, and who ordered the same thing at the same time and had probably actually played Sengoku Rance.

Area 4 is a fucking mess. The top part is supposed to contain art works created by myself that I don’t care that much about, which is why, like my life, the shelf is a huge mess covered in FCBD comics that I got recently. That insane pizza box with all the shit glued to it was what I did when at the start of an art class we were told to make a poster of all the shit that represents us, so it’s kind of a portrait of my life circa three years ago.

On the wall is the last survivor of my semi-erotic posters, and I can’t remember if I deliberately left it up because it’s one of my favorite posters, or if I did it by accident because a curtain was covering it up.

The almost-hidden white shelf on the right has all of my American action figures on it. I’ve got three of the Gorillaz, which have a hard time standing up, some American-made Alexander Anderson toys (of Hellsing), and a wicked cool Shaun of the Dead.

We’ll get to that “exhibit” momentarily. The rest of this is a stack of really old magazines. Near the top are a whole ton of Anime Insider, Anime Invasion, and Animerica issues, most of which are torn to shreds either due to the natural shittiness of the magazine’s print, or because I tore them apart to get their images and tape them to my wall.

Underneath that is a bunch of Nintendo Powers from somewhere around 1998 through somewhere around 2002. I coveted these religiously as a kid, beginning a lifelong obsession with creating magazines and writing reviews.

To the left is a bunch of Game Informer magazines, which who cares.

The bulging blue binder is full of many, many, many, many Pokemon cards.

Here’s all of those semi-erotic posters I was talking about before. By coincidence, when my friend and I bought Megami and other similar magazines, it happened to be during the summer both times, so 95% of these posters are in swimsuits. This is hilarious because I don’t even really like swimsuits, but it made my parents think I had a swimsuit fetish. There’s also a bunch of DVD inserts and that one with the huge feet is a massive Shakugan no Shana poster which I should really just burn.

There are a number of posters in here that I genuinely never had the balls to put up because they were too loli to be in a place that a lot of people are in a lot of the time.

Oh, and look who was hiding in that pile! It’s my Chihiro (from ef) bedsheet, which for a year or so was thumbtacked to my ceiling because it turns out an anime bedsheet actually is highly impractical for your bed. I took Chihiro down because my parents had a habit of showing my room to people, and I was tired of uncles making fun of me for it. I don’t care to restore it because it was a bitch and a half to get up there the first time.

Area 4. B. has about two years of the American Shounen Jump magazine, starting from issue number three. There’s also a few collections of The Boondocks in the mix. One of those sideways mags isn’t actually Shounen Jump, but an issue of Yen Plus.

The exhibit here is just a bunch of pencil boards, mostly R.O.D. and Haruhi.

That’s a random pile of DVDs on my floor. Oh, and My Little Pony!

Passing into Area 5, we get to see my desk, and the bulk of my remaining posters. The two Gunslinger Girl wall scrolls probably both came from Otakon 2008, and have been mainstays of my room since. Next to them is an Eureka Seven poster from the same year. I’ll probably take down all those Toradora calendar pages because eh.

This is the inside of my top desk drawer. Not much of note, but Phantasmagoria of Flower View is in there along with a Kingdom of Heaven DVD that I will never watch because it’s not the vastly superior Director’s Cut. Also a Kara no Kyouaki pencil board my friend gave me after I begged him. Not sure why I had to beg, nor why it’s now in my desk. I’m not sure if Higurashi no Naku Koro ni the first game is in here or at a friend’s house.

Here is the second drawer, which we’ll be exploring in-depth because it’s essentiall the porn drawer. In this image is the Serial Experiments Lain artbook, which I brought over when I was writing my episodic posts on the series and quoting it constantly. That was like six months ago though.

Next to Lain is a hilarious oppai mousepad that I got for free from Manga Gamer IIRC. I actually used it for a long time and it completely fell apart. I had sticky boob shit everywhere, and now it’s all misshapen. Ah, aging.

Now we have a Shimada Fumikane artbook, which isn’t technically erotic, but it may as well be. Also, my favorite (non-ero) doujinshi ever, Two Scarlet Sacrements Under the Starry Sky by FLIPFLOPs (who went on to do Nekogami Yaoyorozu). Whenever I buy that shelving unit for ponies, maybe I’ll finally have my long-wanted Touhou shelf.

Suddenly, ero! This is the Railgun doujin Choudenjihou no Aishikata by Takumi no Muchi, which I bought at Otakon 2010. Next to that is a Gunslinger Girl file folder featuring Triela, which I obviously bought at Otakon 2008. It contains almost everything that I’ve drawn in the past five years.

I have no idea why a random issue of Cardcaptor Sakura that I got on FCBD is in here. Also there’s this Kigurumikku V3 poster, which I took down back when I had all the posters because this one asshole who calls himself my friend was complaining about it. (It’s loli.)

Time for more ero! These were my first two doujinshi, which I got at Otakon 2008 when I was underaged, and yet I only had to get a friend to buy me one of these. The other I just snuck up and read. These really reflect my taste at the time (I haven’t seen either show since 2008), the fact that I didn’t know much about doujinshi (neither is very good), and the fact that I didn’t get to that booth until the third day (they were out of Lucky Star). They are, by the way, from Bamboo Blade and Spice and Wolf.

Reaching the end of the porn, we have another Takumi no Muchi doujinshi from Railgun, and a really awesome Touhou yuri doujin featuring Remilia, Sakuya, and China.

Now that it’s 6 AM we move into Area 6 wait, what?! This is the singles DVD shelf. Note that there’s a lot of these I either outright haven’t seen or haven’t rewatched since buying on DVD, which is why I don’t buy these anymore.

Area 6. A. is actually my literature collection, though a bunch of it is currently over in Area 8. This is almost all light novels, excepting the Faust anthologies (of light novel authors), Blood the Last Vampire (an anime novel that’s far from light), Mogworld (which is about video games and by an internet-famous guy), The Interpretation of Dreams which I only have because of a class I had to take, The Stranger by Albert Camus, which is shorter than a light novel, and that Kevin Smith autobigraphy that my dad’s borrowing from a friend. Oh and there’s an Oscar Wilde collection… of basically light novels.

Atop these are Komoe-sensei and Applejack, who are ordinarily my bridge bunnies and reside on my desk. I put them up there for the show that I’m doing.

Part one of my single DVDs, which are in classic backwards alphabetical-order—a weeb habit I’ve always loved having. These come from all kinds of eras in my fandom and are wildly out of order I’m sure, seeing as there’s gaps and a random Boogiepop Phantom boxed set in there. Also, Blade Runner. These get hard to read so here’s a list:

3×3 Eyes, Arjuna 1–4, Air 1, Battle Angel Alita, Assemble Insert, Blade Runner, Boogiepop Phantom thinpack, Brigadoon 1, 2, 4–6, Canaan complete series blu-ray, Cat Soup, Dokkoida?! 1–3, Evangelion 2.22, Figure 17 1&2, Hidamari Sketch S1 full series, Higurashi 1 (note weeb title placement), Idol Project 1, Irresponsible Captain Tylor 1, Key the Metal Idol 1, Last Exile 1+soundtrack, Lucky Star OVA, Magic Knight Rayearth 1, Maze preview thing, Memories, Millennium Actress, Mononoke Hime (Japanese), Nadia 1, Nana Seven of Seven 1, NieA_7 1–4, Perfect Blue, Petite Cossette, The Place Promised In Our Early Days (stolen rental), RahXephon 1, Revolutionary Girl Utena 1, Read or Die, R.O.D. TV 1–6 (these are the ones with no covers, because they were reversible), Rurouni Kenshin 7 (my first DVD), Rurouni Kenshin Tsuiokuhen, Rurouni Kenshin Seisouhen, s-CRY-ed 1.

The DVDs continue after the shorter shelf, which contains the majority of my album collection. There are a lot of albums that aren’t here because they’re in someone’s car or someone’s room or the disk isn’t in the case, etc., so I’m not even bothering with those.

DVDs cont. s-CRY-ed 2, Lain 1–4, Shingo 1, Simoun 1–5, Slayers the Movie, The SoulTaker 1, Spice and Wolf complete (cover is reversed), Steam Detectives 1, Ichigo Mashimaro 1, Tenamonya Voyagers, Texhnolyze 1–6, Tweeny Witchws 1&2, Twilight of the Dark Master.

This last section mostly consists of DVDs that my friend gave me a few months ago when he decided that his collection was taking up space and should go to a better home. I haven’t sorted those yet. There’s also some more stuff my aunt sent me. Below the DVDs are unsorted CDs mostly not in their cases, and a big book about 60 Years of Manga that my uncle sent me in 2003 and I only ever looked at the clippings from porn manga.

All of this seems readable enough besides the first half of Kannagi, so that’s there.

Area 7 is dedicated to boxed sets, most of which are incomplete. The contents of the empty shelf are in Area 8. At the bottom is three volumes of Hyper Police that I’m borrowing from a friend and not reading for like six months.

That Haruhi box is proudly filled with each special edition DVD of the series, which costed me two hundred bucks over the course of a year and a half in 2007/8. By far the most I spent on a show, and I was really proud of it back in the day. Also here are the complete Noein and Black Heaven boxes for some reason. Lucky Star is just volume 1 and the box, recently given to me by my friend.

The Alien Nine box contains the four-episode anime on DVD and all three volumes of the manga. Air and Excel Saga came from my friend and aunt erspectively, and are both complete. That weird green box is from a Boogiepop Phantom box set that my cousin bought, which came with a bunch of bonus pencil boards and cards. He gave me the extra stuff and box, but kept the DVDs.

Gunslinger Girl, Haibane Renmei, Kamichu, and Higurashi are all full. Infinite Ryvius has one volume and came with pencil boards and a plushie ferret which I suspect is under my bed. Mushi-shi has two special-edition volumes, and Last Exile has all but the last volume.

Yes, I have two Noein boxes. My friend and I both bought it when it was on sale, and then he gave me all his DVDs. Same goes for NHK, but this one gets weird. Both of us bought 1+box and 2, but later on, my friend bought the thinpacks of the show and put them in the box. Therefore, one of those is complete, and one isn’t.

Everything else here is complete, and that tin behind Baccano is Abenobashi.

Just the TV, and the space between it and the bed. This isn’t always set up like this, nor is there always a TV in my room since it gets stolen a lot for SWEET LAN PARTIES. There’s some consoles laying around because of that show, once again.

This is an elated Arab gentleman that I picked up off the side of the road and nailed to my wall. You may have noticed other things like t-shirts nailed to my wall in other pictures—this is considered my “ironic bullshit” wall.

At long last, we reach Area 8, which contains a bunch of stuff that’s missing from other areas. Those DVD sets are all complete, although the Kino no Tabi DVDs don’t work thanks to my PS2 eating them years ago. There’s also some light novels, one bona-fied novel, and a “ani-mini” DVD of the first episode of Noir.

Of course, an otaku room wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t drag the smutty pillows out of the closet. Up top is a two-sided pillow of MiyaMiya from ef given to me by my friend. The Haruhi pillows came from the limited edition boxes, and of course, Uesugi Kenshin is my main lady, as told in the story above.

I really enjoyed making this post, even though it took me all fucking night. I’ve remembered a lot of love, and listening to a six hour anison playlist may or may not have helped. I feel like… watching anime! (Actually I just feel like reading doujinshi and going to bed.)

16 thoughts on “My Entire Goddamn Collection (with notes)

  1. When you draw up your will, put me down for the Robot volumes and Gaisokyu. Oh, and the Chihiro bed thing. Thanks.

  2. man quite the collection you got. always knew it was a lot but never really knew just HOW much. I’m not huge on figures but I gotta say the Gintoki one is awesome and those 2 Canaan figures kick ass.

    “The Alien Nine box contains the four-episode anime on DVD and all three volumes of the manga” This makes me want it very much. a complete set like that totally makes me jealous!

    your room looks like it’s the size of my freaking house LOL

  3. Impressive collection ! Reminds me a bit of my own room, except my collection isn’t that big as yours. On the other hand, I have like 200/300 vinyl-recordings (KingCrimson, PinkFloyd, Miles Davis, Zappa, Captain Beefheart etc.) from my daddy, because our apartment isn’t that big and there was a time when I shared my room with my dad :)

    (I find it funny that almost every anime-fan in the net owns this Noriko figure from the original GunBuster OVA. Maybe it is because everybody just loves GunBuster, or maybe the figure is just inexpensive to get. Who Knows ?)

    • Yeah like I said, the Noriko toy is only 30 bucks and for a while in 2008 it was ridiculously easy to come by.

      That vinyl collection sounds quite impressive! I’ve never had a vinyl player so I don’t bother with those.

      • “Yeah like I said, the Noriko toy is only 30 bucks and for a while in 2008 it was ridiculously easy to come by.”

        – You are right ! That’s exactly the year when I bought my Noriko figure XD

        “That vinyl collection sounds quite impressive! I’ve never had a vinyl player so I don’t bother with those.”

        – What I like about old vinyl albums are all these details and artwork they put into it. I have tried to listen to several vinyls and also they all sound great (except all the minor crackles), it is pretty incommodious to handle. You can compare it to old J-RPG’s from Working Design: You just wonder why they don’t include all these neat artwork and bonus stuff anymore :)

        You know what’s funny ? I hope my son in the future will watch out after my anime collection, just like I did with my father’s music collection. Haha, I sound like an old guy !

        • I have plenty! I DJ a lot of vinyl (lot’s of disco, house and tech) but I also have inherited/stole a heap of oldies from my rents – new wave, disco, soul, Fleetwood Mac! It’s tangible so you treasure it far more than the digital releases which become somewhat disposable.

          • I didn’t know that ! And I agree that they are much more tangible than the digital stuff. That’s why I still buy a lot of Anime on DVD. Sure it’s expensive, but for me they are much more exciting than an abstract digital file you just downloaded !

            Fleetwood Mac has some nice songs. Maybe I should listen to them again.

          • I’m with you guys on the coolness of having physical copies, but I find that they just aren’t worth it for me anymore. I rarely if ever watch my DVDs, and there’s sooo much anime that I watch, there’s no way I could possibly buy it all. But more importantly, it’s almost always possible to find higher-quality video on fansubs than on official US releases, what with not only limited blu-rays, but limited actually decent blu-rays.

            As for CDs I still love owning those, but there’s no way it’d be feasible for me to own every album that I listen to.

      • Yeah, I was quite a weeaboo in this Japanese bookstore ! I was looking for some Madoka merchandise and saw this cool poster showing this mega cool artbook. I asked this cute Japanese girl if they are selling this artbook and she was like “Nane desu ka ???” to her friend and I couldn’t resist and said “Wakarimasen !” XD They looked at me like I was the stupid gaijin there LOL After a while she was searching this artbook for me and finally found it. I can’t remember the exact price, but it was something like 70 € ( as a comparison, think of two American PS3 games). I am crazy enough to pay so much for my animu ( *Drugs are cheaper !*)

        What should I say ? Such minor things make our earth a better place.

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