2010 Acadime Awards: Best Actress in a Supporting Role

For anyone who doesn’t know what this is about, I tried to run a 2010 Acadime Awards series back in February, but because I’m a huge flake, I failed miserably. However, I didn’t want to let all the contributions I’ve received go to waste, so I’m posting up the categories that already had writer contributions.

From this point on, there aren’t any posts that I’d done work on already, so I’ll just be posting the nominations and the winning write-up for each category. First up, one of my favorites, the award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role.

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SaiMecha! Submit Your Nominations!

SaiMoe is an annual tournament-style competition to determine whom the most moe anime character of the year is. Some people have a lot of fun participating in it each year, while others make their own English-language versions or alternatives like “SaiGAR.” Currently, set-up is going on for SaiMecha, a tournament to determine the most… well, the mecha that can get the most votes, I guess. Find all your info here.

Anyone can contribute nominations while they’re still open, and each person can submit up to fifteen mechs via email to executiveotaku AT gmail DOT COM. This post is to show off my noms in the same vein as ghostlightning and Schneider. These nominations are in alphabetical order by the name of the mech.

There are three general categories of interest for me when it comes to mecha: first and most importantly, their appearance. Second and equally important, their presence in the series. And third but still important, how they move. The third criteria has nothing to do with the functionality of their movement, but more to do with how that movement is animated.

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Pokemon’s Fifth Generation Grants My Best Wishes For the Franchise – MINNA DAIJOUBU!

(Forgive my incessant switching between Japanese and English titles in this post. Watching the anime in Japanese and playing the games in English mixed me up.)

Some History

Exactly how I feel while playing.

I am a Pokemon lifer.

That sentence has never meant more to me than it does now. After all, being a lifelong fan implies that I’m still a fan, right? Between ages seven and eleven, Pokemon was my entire world. When I think of my childhood, I think of Pokemon Red and Silver. That’s why I so excitedly blogged my playtime in Red and last year’s SoulSilver. (Links at bottom.) And yet, I’ve been fighting all along with the question: do I really still love Pokemon, or is it a big nostalgia trip?

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Hourou Musuko Abruptly Cut Short!

UPDATE: So it looks like there *will* be an eleventh episode of Hourou Musuko on TV, but it will be episode 12. 10 and 11 were fused together so there’d be room for this episode. Good news I guess!

Read about it here.

Ouch. It didn’t hurt me as much when Madoka Magica’s last two episodes were cancelled because I was behind on that show—and now it seems they’re finding their way back on the air anyway.

Hourou Musuko suffers a worse fate in that episodes ten and eleven have been cropped together to round out the season, so we can’t enjoy the full versions of the episodes until their BD releases, which will be in August and September. At least we’ll get a bonus twelfth episode as well.

What confuses me about all this is that Hourou Musuko wasn’t even skipped at all for the earthquake—episode nine aired as scheduled. Why do they need to cut it short?

There still seems to be a lot of confusion about this so I hope there will be further announcements to clear that up.

2010 Acadime Awards: Best Actor in a Supporting Role

These days, there seems to be a lack of great male supporting characters in anime. The average series tends to feature far more girls than guys, and the men are usually either the main character or the main character’s sidekick. The only shows that have a significant number of male characters and actors tend to be aimed at women, such as Hetalia or Kuroshitsuji (neither of which I watched, by the way). Still, there was at least one excellent anime of 2010 that brought forward a slew of great male supporting roles.

(There were originally more nominees for this category, but the only ones I ended up writing about were the ones from Durarara!!)

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2010 Acadime Awards: Best Mecha Design

Okay! Back in business! I hope you can still remember enough about 2010 anime to enjoy it!

Today, my good friend Schneider of Continuing World will be presenting the award for Best Mecha Design. While I decided on the nominees for this category, Schneider decided to write about all of the nominees himself and choose the winner, so really, this is Schneider’s Acadime Award for Best Mecha Design!

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